Thursday, April 30, 2009

follow up to ongoing struggle

You might recall this post not long ago where I talked about how my choices seem to be restricted sometimes. That day, it seemed like I had conquered the desire to watch that movie, and I was happy that I didn't have to deal with it anymore. But no. The desire came around again. Like it wasn't going to go away until I satisfied it.

So, I'm on iTunes the other day when I see that they offer movie rentals. Cool! I looked up the movie just to see if it was available to rent. It was! I was downloading music, so I added the rental to the download queue. What the heck, right?

So I'm all excited to finally watch this stupid movie. I wait about an hour for it to download, and then I try to play it. It freezes up my iTunes program. Won't exit, won't go away. I have to reboot the computer. So I go to the System Configuration Utility and uncheck all the unnecessary programs running in the background on my machine, and reboot again. I started iTunes, double-clicked the rental, and same thing. Locks everything up. I am not making this up.

So I go to iTunes support and chat online with this support guy who has me try a few things. I get disconnected from him. I try again, get a different guy, and tell him the same stuff all over again. We're starting to do some troubleshooting and I get disconnected from him. Mind you, being disconnected from my internet connection is not a common thing. Almost never happens. So I go back to the support page and send them an email. It says that they should get back to me within 24 hours. The rental expires in 18.

Oh well, I think. If it won't work they'll credit me for it, and I can try again when they figure it out. Which is exactly what they did upon responding to my email. SO...

I tried downloading the rental to a completely different PC, on a different (and faster) internet connection. No play. Starts, shows beginning credits, then freezes up. WHAT THE CRAP. Are there angels out there actually trying to prevent me from watching this movie? It's not like it's porn, or something. I can get access to that easy enough.


  1. :) If it were only always so hard to do something we know we'll regret later!

  2. You know what you should do instead of trying to watch a movie all day..

    OR, you should just go to Blockbuster and just pick it up. For heaven sakes girl.

  3. Seriously...I've seen it. It's not worth all that trouble at all!! I could recommend some way better ones! LOL

    Funny story though...

  4. So what's the funny story? Better yet, what do you recommend? ?


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