Friday, May 01, 2009

list of likes & dislikes

Things I liked about hanging out with MJ:

  1. She always looked good. I was never embarrassed to be seen with her, even if I was embarrassed about myself sometimes.
  2. Getting her to talk was a victory. Listening to her chatter was a rare and wonderful occasion.
  3. The way she looked at me. Feeling loved, admired and appreciated.
  4. Making her laugh.
  5. Getting to the point where I knew her so well I could predict her reactions.
  6. Butterflies. Excitement. Anticipation.
  7. Learning something new about her that I didn't know before.
  8. Having companionship - someone to go places with.
  9. Receiving letters and surprises. She said things I longed to hear.
  10. Feeling needed, like I was helping someone who needed my help.

Things I didn't like:

  1. When strangers (retail people, mostly) would mistake me for her mother.
  2. Feeling the need to entertain her and keep her happy.
  3. Having to be careful about showing her affection.
  4. Being expected to respond to the text messages that came to my phone all day long. Sometimes a girl just doesn't have anything to say.
  5. The frustration I felt at not being to have what I wanted (whatever that happened to be at the moment).
  6. Trying to get her out the door when I wanted to go to bed.
  7. Worrying - about her and about what people thought of us.
  8. The emotional roller coaster ride.
  9. Being wary of her family.
  10. Feeling rebellious.


  1. so, was this girl high maintenance?

  2. Pros and cons...I do this all the time. I noticed you have ten on each list, but does one list outweigh the other?

    Just curious. :)


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