Thursday, May 28, 2009

the Alex awards, part six

Most Unattractive Celebrities, Female

#10 - Tori Amos. And I don't like her music either.

#9 - Bette Midler. I think she's hilarious. But nothing to look at. This is one redhead I don't oogle.

#8 - Christina Ricci. No amount of plastic surgery can fix that forehead. She should always have bangs.

#7 - Kirstie Alley. She's annoying to boot.

#6 - Milla Jovovich. I honestly don't see how this is model material.

#5 - Liza Minelli. She's just scary-looking. I don't care for her voice much either.

#4 - Joan Rivers. She wasn't that bad before all the plastic surgery.

But downright hideous afterwards.

#3 - Tori Spelling. I think all the Hollywood web sites agree with me here.

#2 - Fergie. Ew. She's just...dirty.

#1 - Sandra Bernhard. Blech.


  1. You had me until you picked on my Fergie.

    Although to be fair - I do only love her from the neck down.

  2. Tori and Joan are poster children for- "money does NOT buy you everything." Yuck!

  3. Are you kidding me??? I LOVE Mila Jovovich. And I also like Tori Amos. Her hair.....

  4. I agree completely with your list- all of them are pretty dsigusting.... except maybe Bette Midler. LOVED her in "Beaches".


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