Thursday, May 07, 2009

movie review

I love Netflix. That was one of the best ideas anyone ever had.

Here’s my take on Imagine You & Me. But first, can I explain why I got this crazy fever to watch it in the first place? Lena Headey. I can’t resist the thought of two pretty girls making eyes at each other. That’s just how it is for me.

Back to the point of this post. Here you have this lovely young woman (Piper Perabo) and this terribly handsome guy (Matthew Goode—frighteningly attractive) who have decided that after years of being together, it’s time to get married. Rachel (the character played by Perabo—ironic) shows no signs of discontent. She seems perfectly happy and satisfied with Heck (short for Hector, apparently). But along comes the florist girl, Luce, hired to provide the flowers at their wedding. And for these two girls, it’s love at first sight. And not that I don’t believe in that, but I’m more prone to say it’s “lust at first sight.” I mean, you don’t really know someone after just a glance, do you? There are various ways that Rachel and Luce get to spend time together, which of course drives them both insane because each activity leaves them wanting more. Yes, I know the feeling. Don’t we all. And who is the one doing all the pursuing? It’s Rachel of course, happily involved and now married Rachel. (Because Rachels are like that.) She invites Luce to dinner, she stalks Luce at the florist shop, and of course she initiates the first kiss. If this girl wasn’t so pouty and pretty, I could hate her.

So she does the right thing and confesses her feelings to Heck, who is naturally heartbroken. Can I say I actually produced tears for him? Movies don’t normally make me cry, but I felt the guy’s pain. That part where he goes up on the roof and Rachel’s little sister brings him candy—extremely touching right there. I know the filmmakers were trying to get me to buy into the “true love conquers all” mentality, but I truly believe that she should have stayed with Heck, her “best friend.” Two to five years after the end of the movie, Heck will be a happy guy—writing his book, fulfilling his dream, probably hooked up with another cute girl, and Rachel’s fascination for the lovely Luce will be over. She will wish she had Heck back. I’m convinced. HECK, I’d take Heck. And it wouldn’t be settling.


  1. i used to want a Luce, but now I definitely want a Heck.

  2. So, if you were in a different mood, would this post have been different?

  3. Crazy fever, I understand. She's I know you were going back and forth on watching the movie. Did you like it? After reading your first post about it, I checked out the preview on imdb, and it looked interesting, for sure. Would you recommend it, or say forget it?

    Too bad for Heck, it seems. Nice guys finish last again. :(

  4. I love how you concluded your blog. SO TRUE!

  5. You could have watched it with me.



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