Thursday, November 15, 2012

Taco Time

I recently changed jobs, so my perimeter of interest has shifted to another part of town, which means when I venture out for a bite to eat, like I did today, I may or may not know where I'm going. I didn't get lost, exactly, but I did go for a nice little drive out in the sunshine, which was not at all unpleasant.

I ended up at Taco Time, which is one of my favorite quick places to eat, and placed my order at the talking speaker around the corner from the drive-up window. I didn't think anything of the voice asking me questions. It sounded like a young tenor voice. I assumed it was a younger guy.

But when I reached the window the gaydar went off in my ears like a siren. This was either a very effeminate young man or a thin and angular female with short hair, and upon first glance it was hard to tell. All I knew for sure was that it was engaging and attractive, and so I chose the latter. Having made that choice, I could now study her more intently, and I was pleased to see that she may have also been studying me, which is never a bad realization when you like what you're seeing. Although this was a not a look I had ever felt attracted to before, which only goes to show that it isn't "types" that attract us exactly, but souls.

As she handed me my bag, I almost hoped that she had deposited her number inside, but it would have probably been signed with a name like "Alex," or something, and I'd never be able to tell if it was male or female. :-\  Dang, I should have snapped a pic (because that would have been so subtle), then I could have asked for opinions.