Friday, May 29, 2009

trip to Los Angeles

“I need you to go out west,” said her editor.
Rachel made the arrangements. She thought of Mia.
“I think you should invite her to go with you,” said Jamie.
But Rachel doubted. They were friends, but would
Mia accept? Would she understand why Rachel was asking?
“Have you ever been to Los Angeles?” Rachel asked her.
Mia had not.
Rachel booked adjoining rooms and planned
an extended weekend.
“You will come back different,” Jamie predicted. “Things
will happen between you.”
Rachel shrugged it off.
But he was right. Between the beaches and the restaurants
and visiting tourist attractions, something did happen.
They saw each other differently. And one night, in the
doorway of the adjoining rooms, a kiss happened.
And everything that had been concealed became a topic.
Mia said everything she had been afraid to say.
Rachel heard everything she had been afraid to hear.
And when they returned to New York they were smiling.
And holding hands.


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