Friday, April 17, 2009

the Alex awards, part five

Favorite Vocalists, Male

#10 - Sam Cooke. Mr Smooth.

#9 - Eddie Kendricks. The tenor of the Temptations. (He's the cutie in the middle)

#8 - Steve Perry. Formerly of Journey. LOVED Journey. But mostly because of Steve.

#7 - Johnny Mathis. I've been a fan since birth. It all started with the Christmas album.

#6 - Nat King Cole. Legendary stuff.

#5 - Freddie Mercury. Not a pretty man, but can anyone argue that he can sing? It was actually hard to find a picture that I liked.

#4 - Bing Crosby. Again, since birth. My grandfather was his biggest fan.

#3 - Andy Bell. Again, hard to find a decent picture of this one. But the man has a powerful and very versatile voice. I prefer the old Erasure stuff to his single stint.

#2 - Tom Chaplin. Of Keane. Of course.

#1 - George Michael. Does it surprise you? All of his antics aside, he has a beautiful voice.


  1. I just fell in love with you even more.

    The fact that Tom is #2 makes me smile.

  2. these awards sure have a lot of parts to them. ;-)

  3. What list can I find to make next?

  4. I am suprised about #1...I was happy to see Andy Bell in of my tops for sure! It's hard for me to find a male vocalist I like...maybe I will make a list too.

    Next list...Top 10 favorite movie lines/quotes.


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