Wednesday, April 29, 2009

what if

I have never wanted to go back and relive high school. As a teen, I pretty much kept to myself and did my schoolwork, and especially my senior year, when we moved and I had to change schools, it was kind of a lonely time. But I think now I may see the appeal of those movies they make where the character gets thrown back in time to experience the whole nightmare all over again.

Sometimes, like this morning, when I drive by a high school on my way to work and see the assortment of students making their way towards the school, either on foot, or skateboard, bike or trashed vehicle, I wonder what my high school experience would be like now, if I went back as the current me (only looking much younger). Kind of like in Never Been Kissed or 17 Again. Boyfriends were really not of much interest to me then, although I had “crushes” on certain boys whose looks appealed to me. I really don’t know what I would have done if they had liked me back. And neither was the idea of a girlfriend, for that matter. I remember feeling fascination for specific girls, but I never expected to get anything out of it except some amusement. How times have changed, eh? You can probably walk around a high school campus and see girls holding hands now.

I think if I went back now, I might like to try the whole boyfriend thing. I think I might know better how to catch one. Of course if I did, I’d either have to change mothers or keep him secret from my mother. She frowned upon any kind of attachment I made. I think I would have had more fun, worked less, watched TV less. Who knows...

How do you think it might be different for you?


  1. for me?
    Well, It is a GOOD thing I didn't start dating 'till age 17.
    Let's just leave it at that ;-)

  2. don't tell anyone (REally). I liked one girl in High School. But I didn't know it 'till much later. I had a dream (while I was in HS) about another girl. That was weird.
    My friends thought it was funny, though. ;-D
    Nope. Guys for me (we can both send mixed messages). Had a crush on pretty much one guy for 4 years straight ('till he FINALLY asked me out). My first date was Prom (Junior Year).
    That was fun.


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