Wednesday, April 15, 2009

the Alex awards, part four

Favorite Vocalists, Female

#10 - Linda Eder. Sounds like Streisand...a little. I was introduced to her when I saw Jekyll & Hyde on Broadway.

#9 - Eva Cassidy. She died young or she'd still be belting it.

#8 - Amy Lee. Of Evanescence. Yes, she's a goth girl, but she's got some pipes.

#7 - Dusty Springfield. Her stuff just never gets old for me.

#6 - Diana Ross. I've been a fan since the Supremes. I even saw her in concert.

#5 - Annie Lennox. There isn't really anyone else that sounds like she does. And yes, she's quirky too. I like that.

#4 - Whitney Houston. Not the diva she once was, but when she was there, she was awesome!

#3 - Sarah McLachlan. Listening to her early CDs, you can really hear how mature her voice has become. I've seen her in concert like 10 times. Including Lilith Fair.

#2 - Linda Ronstadt. I know. It may surprise you. But there was a time when I could not get enough. Saw her in concert too. Have you heard the woman hold a note out to forever?

#1 - Karen Carpenter. This will not surprise anyone who knows me. But to me she had the most classic and versatile voice ever. And I still need her soothing sounds on occasion. Let's not forget that she was an awesome drummer too.


  1. Linda Ronstadt is good. You know what I like as far as Sarah M. goes.. that Mirrorball Concert. I don't go to concerts (don't know how anyone can here anything anyway. way too loud). Although, we are planning on going to see Billy Joel and Elton John later this year. Anyway - back to Sarah. very pretty - short hair. Love her hairstyle as seen in that concert. Also really like hearing her talk about her songs and what they meant when she wrote them.
    We were listening to clips from that concert on youtube. My husband thought it sounded scripted and insincere - her dialog/explanations. But I didn't think so. I really enjoyed it.

  2. I love your lists, love your lists, love your lists, and knew #1 would be Karen! :0 ) Made me smile...

  3. I have no clue who this Linda Eder is - but I am on board with the others. Prolly not in the same order - but I likey.
    And I can stand behind any list that doesn't have Celine Dion on it.

  4. Wow- I wrote you the e-mail tonight about Karen Carpneter BEFORE I ever read this post, that she was your #1 female vocalist. Our list of similarities is growing by the minute! Are you destined to be my soul mate? Or what???? :)


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