Thursday, April 02, 2009

waking up

Lately I feel like I’m waking up from a long hibernation. Maybe it’s spring, or the walks I’ve been taking in the cemetery after work, or the lack of sugar in my diet. Whatever the reason, I’m writing again. I think I’m finished mourning MJ. I can see her without feeling sad. I still would like to talk to her more, but it’s not an urgent, desperate thing like I’ve felt in the past. It comes right in time too, since she’ll be moving in a couple of weeks. She seems ready to go. Mentally she’s already separated herself from life in our small town. She’s ready to be on her own. And that is good and healthy.

So it took me about six months to work through it. I truly don’t know if that’s long or short. I’m just glad it’s subsiding.

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  1. I would call that short. But are you really *done working through everything? I don't think we're ever done, really.


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