Wednesday, November 26, 2008


I’ve always found it rather tedious that my body requires food every few hours. Without it, my blood sugar gets low and I either feel sick or irritable, so it’s worth it to me to have something on hand, to be prepared in case I start to get hungry. I’ve wished that I could be like an animal that hibernates, and fill my stomach once every few days, or even once a day, so that I don’t have to deal with the chore of finding something to eat. Really, a good feast like Thanksgiving should last three or four days. And yet, we have to get up the next morning and eat again.

It occurred to me today that maybe Heavenly Father designed our bodies that way—for many reasons, I imagine—but to also teach us symbolically about the importance of regular and consistent nourishment. And here I refer to spiritual nourishment. As members of the church we’re told repeatedly that we must nourish our spirits daily. I wonder if part of my problem—this general dissatisfaction I feel about myself—has anything to do with that, or if it’s just my feelings of inadequacy. Even if I did take the time to nourish my spirit every day, would I feel “full?” Or would I still feel like what ever effort I was making wasn’t good enough?

And if malnourishment is part of the problem, maybe I would benefit from learning to recognize my spirit’s hunger pangs as well as I know my body’s.


  1. Brilliant! Sort of along those same lines, I was thinking last Sunday in church that I need to treat Heavenly Father like a daily supplement, not like an aspirin.

  2. I have often found that bordem is a mask for me for "full". If I keep my mind and body and spirit wanting it'll never get full and therefore never get stagnant. I feel that we need constant nourishment and when we do get bored we end up turning our interests to things that peak us again! Bordem is a root cause of our inate desire to find new norishment.

  3. That is an amazing picture of Barbie... ew.

  4. ah HA! That's great. A few years ago, it p* me off to no end the whole 'have to eat EVERY day.' Such a chore. No matter HOW much you eat or how well you eat on any day, have to do the SAME thing again the next day (or like you said, every couple hours). I was like that. HATED it. Hated it a lot.
    What helped me (and I'm just sharing - not advising. hate to advise). I gave up sugar for a month (very difficult withdrawal. 3 weeks of withdrawal, in fact). But that did wonders for my own blood sugar issues. Pretty neat.
    That's the only useful diet I've ever been on (and I don't ever diet except a few times years ago to try to gain weight). Now I don't really bother. But that really helped my blood sugar levels. It was marvelous.
    Hate eating. ;-)
    (but, for the record, I am not anorexic, lest anyone get the wrong impression. I am officially borderline, I supposed.. the whole '15% less weight than what one is supposed to be for one's height). I sank that low 2 years back during our lovely adventure. But I've always been fine with the way I look. Just got to hate eating ALL the time (so often).
    [sorry that's long]. ;-)


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