Monday, April 12, 2010

former crush

It’s interesting how you can have kind of a crush on someone, or desire their attention so badly, and then as time goes by that completely goes away, and you wonder why you ever were so interested in that pursuit in the first place. I’m not quite talking about MJ yet. I don’t know that I’m completely over her, although I do like being free of the pull. I’m talking about a friend from high school. I went and had dinner at her house on Saturday. I like her family, especially her kids. I love her laugh. I love her cooking. But I do not know what I ever thought I was going to get from that relationship. It was many years ago...maybe ten. She was kind and she encouraged my friendship; that much I remember. Maybe I was looking for a nurturer, and she can be a good one, but she’s far too needy herself to be effective.

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  1. Nice that with some distance you can recognize that :)


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