Wednesday, April 14, 2010

favorite quotes from this week's Glee

It's back!

Don't bother sleeping with my husband tonight. You're already screwed.

two Cheerios, to Finn:
Let us give you an introduction into the way that we work. You buy us dinner, and we make out in front of you. It's like the best deal ever.

Did you know that dolphins are just gay sharks?

and Sue:
After offering the principal coffee, "I would have gotten you one, Will, but I don't like you."

After snipping off a boy's ponytail in the hallway, "There. You no longer confuse me with your she-male looks. I'm going to donate this to the victims of Hurricane Katrina. They can use it to plug the holes in their trailers."

I won't be burying any hatchets, William, unless I happen to get a clear shot to your groin.

I'm going to bring some Asian cookery to rub your head with, because right now you have enough product in your hair to season a wok.

You two should be wetting yourselves with shame.

I am engorged with venom. And triumph. Now get the hell out of my office.


  1. SUCH a great episode. Can't wait for next week.

    Please to be seeing the new addition on my sidebar...

  2. i thought you should know that i just watched that tatu video about 3 times.

    good shit.


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