Wednesday, August 26, 2009


Mr D. It’s been many years since I wrote his name in my journal. I had the maddest crush on him in high school. And beyond. And he was always very nice to me, which I give him credit for, because he must have known how much I liked him, and he could have avoided me but he didn’t. When I first saw that he was on Facebook, I didn’t ask for his friendship. I didn’t think there was much point. But he requested mine. How nice, and how very consistent with how he always was. And his pictures…? Well, he’s a guy, so he’s not too much into uploading all kinds of pictures for people to look at, but there is this one of his wife, I assume, because again, like a guy, he doesn’t tag the photos. She’s beautiful. I would have expected nothing less of him. Those D-- boys could always get whatever girl they wanted.

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