Monday, August 24, 2009

confession booth

Things I learned from Mindi's confession booth:

*Mindi has more male readers than I ever would have thought.
*People are sexual creatures and full of hormones, and as soon as they are given an anonymous outlet, they let loose. This should not have surprised me.
*Because of the previous, I should probably refrain from reading it next time.
*People confess some stinking weird crap that I'd rather not know.
*Many people enjoy commenting on others' confessions, which I admit was sometimes tempting.
*Some people don't know the difference between confessing and starting an argument.
*There are lots of other girls that fantasize about girls, which I find strangely satisfying.
*If you ever wanted to believe that "all people are good, deep down," you'd be wrong.


  1. This was my first exposure to the "Confession Booth". I decided I needed to go back to the first CB and read from there. The progression from timid to mild to extreme "confessions" was interesting.

  2. I thought it sucked this time.

    So many of those weren't confessions - they were attacks!

  3. yeah. totally a big fat let down this time.

    wtf is WRONG with people?

    must be the freakin' recession.


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