Tuesday, August 04, 2009

go dog go!

The formation of this list of annoyances came as a result of being annoyed with the little poodle that lives here where I work, who, for no obvious reason, loves me dearly and would follow me wherever I went and sleep under my desk if the younger residents of the household would let him.

Five Reasons Why I Dislike Dogs

  1. No matter how much you pet them, they still want more.

  2. They jump up on you to get your attention. Especially little dogs, and untrained dogs.

  3. They don’t smell good.

  4. They’re messy, both with their eating and their bathroom duties.

  5. They chew on anything and everything, including electrical cords, plastic flowers, carpet and packing peanuts. After consuming that last item, they throw up. Understandably.


  1. oh yuck! (5)


    i'm used to being thrown up on, though. It's all about getting used to it, Alex.

  2. I'm with you on this. My kids want a dog. I say no way to an indoor dog, and our yard is too small for an outdoor one.

    But packing peanuts and throwing them up? That is disgusting.

  3. So your weren't sold on "Poo the size of a cheerio" thing huh?? ;)

  4. I thought I was reading about my husband until I got to the last one.

  5. UGH. Poodles are the worst! Some dogs (well behaved, non-stinky dogs) I like. Most, no.


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