Thursday, August 20, 2009

craving connection

I feel the need for connection. With a real person. I need a face-to-face conversation that goes beyond the surface of things, and lasts longer than a few minutes. It’s been a while. Last night I was sitting in the yard with my little six month-old niece who’s struggling to crawl. I was watching her inspect the dead leaves in the grass and consider putting them in her mouth, and I was pulling weeds from the flower beds, and I had this desire to go and visit someone. I thought about who would welcome me, who would have time to sit and listen and want to connect as much as I did. And I couldn’t think of anybody. At least nearby. And my sister came and sat in the grass with us and that was okay. But I’m still feeling it today: that need for connection.

The relief society retreat is this weekend. Maybe I’ll discover a kindred spirit among the women in my ward. One can hope.

AT, want to give me a holler after you get done dancing your glitter off in Vegas this weekend? ;)

Picture courtesy of Aaron Blake Evans.


  1. retreat?
    retreat? i don't think i've ever been to or heard of a RS 'retreat' before. But you go have fun.
    I've had nothing but calls, myself, this week. So I don't feel unloved. speaking of which, there's still one call I need to return

  2. me- pick me! If you came out here, I'd make time for you. We'd sit and chat or walk and long as you want. :)

  3. There's just something about being able to walk into someone's house and sit down and watch then cook or clean or pay bills and just hang out. I've missed that desperately since moving to the middle of nowhere four years ago. (except those few months when I had a friend before she went all praying-mantis on me and devoured my soul. . .) *wiping tears* I feel your pain.

  4. praying-mantis? what the heck?


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