Monday, August 10, 2009


So MJ's birthday is this week. I like to acknowledge birthdays. I think it's a nice gesture. Makes the individual feel like you care about them (which I do). But because we're not "best friends" anymore, how do I acknowledge it this year?


  1. only 3 votes, eh.. (so far)

    well - if it were me I'd send a nice normal card in the mail. b/c that's fun to do and fun to receive.

    on a different subject - I'm planning on not sending a christmas card to E. this year. hooray! ;/
    but if I see her, i'll be sure to kick her

  2. She can suck a fart out of my butt.

    I will take you to dinner.

    We shall have cake in her honor.

  3. don't you know Tib - you will never be able to replace MJ. none of us will

  4. I wanted to say ignore it completely but that isn't like you. So send her a txt. Keep it short. No exclamation points. = )

  5. So what did you decide to do?

  6. I think you sent an old fashioned birthday card, because that is so your style! But knowing you, you spent hours, and then kicked yourself after, searching out the "perfect" one, discouraged to find that there wasn't one, because you shopped for it in the wrong store! Call me next time...i'll help! ;)

  7. tib, that was one of the most disgusting things I've ever read.
    And I'm still laughing!


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