Wednesday, October 28, 2009

why I love gmail

I switched from Hotmail a while ago - maybe as much as a year ago - I don't remember. Gmail is much more efficient with the spam. But I kind of miss poking fun at these non-English-speaking email marketers, who come up with the greatest phrases to try and get me to buy sexually enhancing prescription drugs from them:

subject: You acted insane, agree?

We are the only store wich gives this great deal!

When you have problems with your male function, nothing can hold your self-respect at the level above zero.

Stop the nightmare! Resolve this problem in Minutes! Your robustness in bed will amaze her after The First pilule you've popped.

Hurry to try, while on discounts!

I have to admit, the subject line got my attention. But that last line is my favorite.


  1. Wow, I haven't noticed - but now that you mention it, Gmail DOES do a better job of screening out junk.
    I have an account with each at the moment, and I get tons of junk all the time in Hotmail. always deleting..

  2. LOVE IT! I love that sort of stuff...

  3. I do love gmail for that reason, I hardly ever get spam. But this one was a goodie, I have to admit.


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