Wednesday, October 21, 2009

5 people Rachel wouldn't mind...blah, blah, blah

I want to play too, naturally (see previous post). I can think of lots of people I'd like to get stuck with, but I'll stay with the five. It'll save me a lot of time.

This may surprise you:


She's hilarious, she's sexay, and I never get to hang out with her. I think we'd have a blast.


It'd be an afternoon she would never forget. ;)

Alanis Morissette, musician

She's luscious, brilliant, crazy and entertaining. We could talk for days. And I'd kiss her if she was okay with it.

Mia Kirshner, actress

I admit, there wouldn't be a lot of talking with this one. I don't know if I'd be interested in anything she'd have to say. But I know what we'd do instead.

Ellen Degeneres, comedian

Because she's an idiot and she makes me laugh.


  1. It would be an afternoon I wouldn't forget??? No, it would be an afternoon YOU wouldn't forget. Mostly because of the scars all over your face from me clawing your eyes out in my panic at being trapped in an elevator!!! I think that a day with me might turn out differently than you imagined if it occurs under the conditions of extreme claustrophobia.

  2. Rachel, rachel, rachel..

    That doesn't look ANYTHING like Ellen
    (or maybe I don't follow her work enough)

  3. Can I add my own list here? thanks :)
    Emalee, Emalee, Emalee, Emalee, (this is mostly for talking, btw), oh - and we'll throw in Carol Burnett just for fun.

    Can you believe I'd do most anything to sabotage any rescue efforts?

  4. Oooooo Rachel made my whole millenium!!!!

    Thanks for that.

    For reals.

    Self-esteem: THROUGH.THE.ROOF.


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