Monday, October 19, 2009

random thoughts

In one of my dreams last night, I was a guy—like a college guy, hanging out with a group of friends. Among these friends were two girls, and each wanted to be my choice. I found it very flattering, but stressful, because I had to choose one. And I did. And the one I didn’t choose sort of faded away. I began to do everything with the one I chose. We became exclusive, and all of the friends accepted it. I don’t know what it means, but I enjoyed it. A lot. I don’t really want to be a guy though. I used to, when I had step brothers, and I wanted to fit in. But I don’t anymore. I can accept my gender now.

MJ was at church yesterday. I never know when she’s going to appear, and I think she likes that. She mingled with people, but she ignored me. I watched her, tried to get her to look at me, but she wouldn’t. I think that sucks rocks. Is it so hard to wave, to smile? I don’t require much these days—just acknowledgement. I hate to be ignored.

Thanks to the rest of you, for not ignoring me.


  1. Yet another thing we have in common.

    Nobody sticks Dumas in the corner.

  2. heh Tib is so cute.
    You are so cute!

    Hey Alex, come to my ward; I'll smile/wave at you.

  3. Hey, I dreamt two nights ago that my friend's brothers were trying to pick me up. I was quite flattered. I would write about it on my blog, but she actually reads the blog every once in a while (I think) - and that would be kind of weird (given other circumstances.. anyway)
    I kind of liked the one when I was young, but he was probably 6 years older than we were. Totally different league and sphere. It wasn't a big thing, but I did think he was cute.

  4. Rudest thing ever. You know she is doing it on purpose too. Don't think for one second that she doesn't know what that (her being there and pretending NOT to see you)does to you. I'd like to smack her.

    Thanks btw, for coming to my thing the other day. You are the best. =)


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