Monday, October 26, 2009

this calls for a sacrifice

I'm not big into television anymore. I used to be, in high school, but it's been a long time since I scheduled my evenings around what was on TV. Since fall began, I've enjoyed watching this show called FlashForward. It’s been interesting, and captivating enough to rival my old favorite, Alias. Last week’s episode revealed that one of the main characters, a female FBI agent, is a lesbian. I had wondered about her. They had thrown out enough hints to make one wonder, but I wasn’t sure how much attention they were going to give this particular storyline. Turns out, they’re giving it plenty. Way too much for prime time TV, in my opinion. It was more than my sister wanted to see, and way more than she would have liked her children to see. One of them happened to come into the room when the first girl/girl kiss happened.

And I.can’

I know why. Because now I have a decision to make. My sister has already announced that she regretfully won’t be watching the show anymore. And I know I shouldn’t watch any more of it either. But the pull is so strong…


  1. 'cuz everyone knows same sex kisses are gross,rolls eyes.

  2. Just remember, life is about sacrifice =D


  3. Go to youtube and watch the North and South kiss again. That'll fix you right up. ;)

  4. I feel you.

    Someone told me this weekend that I reminded them of Sonya Walger.

    Kind of made my life.

  5. I agree with you- FLASHFORWARD is VERY amazing. I have only sen a little of it, but it was very intriguing and thought provoking.

    And, I LOVED Alias- caught it from the first to the last episodes without missing a one. Too bad it ended up going in such a weird direction- but, good show, nontheless. Jennifer Garner was the PERFECT "Sydney".


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