Thursday, September 24, 2009


I wonder, has a same-gender-attracted (SGA) female ever married an SGA male? And did it work? I could see how maybe the opposite characteristics might attract each other. I mean, look at MJ's parents.


  1. I believe in the ex-gay world they encourage ex-gay men to marry ex-gay women. Although, at that point, they think they are heterosexual.

    What would be interesting is a study on how long such marriages last. Given the lack of credible evidence that reparative therapy works for the long term - I suspect such marriages would tend to be short lived.

  2. Well, I think the first comment is quite cynical. However, I doubt that the situation you propose, Alex, happens very often. And I don't think that those folks (are we talking stereotypes here?) would be more likely to be attracted to one another vs the rest of the population.

    But, I know this is not the first time this thought has crossed your mind. Are you just wondering where to look to find someone you think would be (maybe) a better match for you?

    I guess that's okay. But the way you described it the Last time you brought it up - made it sound like you were going to settle for 'leftovers' of some sort (in the next life). I believe in no such thing, muñeca. Like I said before: No leftovers for you, my dear.

    Hasta pronto amica (that's italian, that last word. Don't try that on your new friend)

  3. It would make a good sitcom. You should write it - submit it to Hollywood and make millions.

    Then take me to Disneyland.


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