Tuesday, September 08, 2009

random labor day thoughts

I love those times when seeing MJ show up unexpectedly doesn’t bother me. Especially since she had curled her hair and left it down (rare), and wore her scent (which I love) and her brown sweater (yes, in the summer). I should have been and usually would have been affected by that. But I wasn’t. And it was nice.

Why drive up into the mountains to inhale dust and cow manure and campfire smoke for a weenie roast when you have a perfectly functioning grill in your backyard that will cook the meat in half the time, access to all the water you need for washing and drinking, grassy places to sit, a practically insectless environment, and a place for children to play? I never understood camping. Modern conveniences are there for a reason. The next time such an activity is proposed, I will kindly and wisely decline.

Ikea disappointed me. I was reminded why I have taken to shopping almost completely online. I finally had a free afternoon to hit the great Swedish furniture giant. It’s no short jaunt uptown, either. I had plenty of time to listen to a few chapters of my audio book during the drive. I love wandering around in there, but on this particular visit, I went with a purpose. And I found what I wanted. And it was out of stock. Had I looked online beforehand, I would have discovered that before making that drive and then standing there looking blankly at row 24, bin 10, which was an empty shelf. And, blast those people because they don’t sell many of their products online.

It was nice to turn off my alarm on Monday morning and go back to sleep for an hour or so, then wake up and enjoy some exercise before starting the day. It was nice to get some cleaning in before my shower, which didn’t happen until 11:00. It was nice that I chose not to accompany the entire family to the toy store, where chaos undoubtedly ensued.

I like holidays when they don’t involve my mother.


  1. show off (about MJ).

    umm... i'm totally there on the camping scenario (being home is better). And amen to not going to the toy-store.

  2. While I understand and agree with (to a degree) your perspective on camping, I cannot deny the amazing energy and life that is the outdoors. God is in the trees.
    God was not in Ikea that day.
    So sorry for that.
    Did you at least have some meatballs?


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