Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Rachel meets Heather

Swarming with Butterflys, her mind
tried to focus on sentences but scanned
the same one, fifteen, twenty times.
The smell of antiseptic and the thought
of getting pricked and prodded
wasn’t appealing. So she thought of
that kiss. In the parking lot. On a dark,
cloudy, murky night. And the thought
made her smile. Focusing on reading
was useless.

She felt eyes, then, from across the room.
She looked up and found a polite and gracious
face, a little older than her own, a smooth,
unblemished face with a few of time’s wrinkles
at the eyes. She was feminine and small, sitting,
waiting. She smiled in a friendly way. Rachel
smiled back and quickly retreated to the article
open in her lap, attempting to avoid a conversation.
Those eyes had been kind, caring, curious.
What had she been looking at?
Even now, after all this time, Rachel was not
accustomed to being noticed.

The woman wasn’t very far away. She asked a
polite question. Rachel gave her a curt and
abbreviated answer. She asked another.
She invited herself to Rachel’s side. And suddenly,
under the influence of her smell, her wondering and
compassionate gaze and careful questions, the
conversation became interesting to Rachel.
And even after she was called from the waiting
room to be inspected and sent away with a new
prescription, she thought about it. And thinking led
to curiosity.

And now she had two preoccupations:
Butterfly and a field of Heather.


  1. one of these days my friend, you will FINISH (the operative word) some pc of writing and you will give in to my pedestal pushing requests and send something into a publisher and then you will be famously rich! Under the name Rachel, Alex, or any other name would smell so sweet! And even if you are rejected, the first, 2nd or even 29th time, you will still push along because I believe in you. The rejection has already been felt, the pain and frustration of waiting, anticipation, the let down has already been felt, so why not keep trying and someday find success? The more Rachel writes, even the more Alex writes, I love you more and more my friend! And although I took you down from that pedestal when I learned the real you, I think I still put you up there at times when you write the way you do. YOUR AMAZING! ;) Have a great day...dinner with an old friend is calling.


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