Monday, June 01, 2009

excerpt from Rachel's journal

At times I feel like escaping convention and shocking myself by rebelling against routine. This morning was such a time. I was content to be blown by whatever fancy came along, so I did not arise at my usual hour. I lay in bed, absorbed and enveloped by its comfort, overcome with the desire to be inactive and thoughtful. I lie still as Mia stirred, who realized I was still beside her and doubtless wondered why. She rose and went about her routine. I heard the water come on and I fell back into my morning dreams. I found her in the bedroom doorway when I opened my eyes, smelling the way I love her most, like soap and lotions and the steamy, humid bathroom. Naturally she observed me with concern. I smiled and cuddled in my blankets and assured her I was not ill or depressed.

She looked so incredibly soft and beautiful standing uneasily in the doorway, wrapped in her silk robe, the light from the bathroom silhouetting her form. Mia has never been difficult to seduce. Though she is most often the instigator of our intimacy, I know that when I invite it I am impossible to refuse, even when she has commitments and a schedule to keep. The activity that commenced was that lusty, crazy, playful kind that you attempt to recreate but aren’t quite able, the kind that leaves me feeling helpless under the fire of her eyes, where I’m weakened and devoured by the beauty and strength of her body. Such moments are dreamlike in their reality. Such moments float back to you when you’re sitting in a meeting with someone serious. They make you smile and long for the company of the one you love.

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  1. Girl- I am sorry to be the one to tell you this. You are not codependent. You are gay. And, it is OK. You write pretty hot stuff!


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