Monday, June 22, 2009

Heather's email

It was a simple, polite message,
much like her careful, hesitant
approach at the doctor’s office
the other day. I discarded it,
much the same as I had her
attempt at conversation. So I
don’t understand why my mind
keeps going back to it, and why
I keep wondering.

“I’ve been reading your novel.
I think it’s brilliant. I would love
to talk to you about it sometime.
Is it possible to have lunch some-
time this week?”

I admit my fear. I acknowledge
that I do not want circumstances
to repeat themselves. All the ones
I loved have left me eventually.
Even friends sometimes. Do I yet
invite another? I admit the door is
closed, but I must want to hold it
ajar… she had such perfect, white skin.

Ruth found the message and chided
me for ignoring it. Can I answer
every letter from a fan, I asked? But
her ability to read me goes beyond my
comprehension. She will not let this go.


  1. I think I'm going to have to blame Rachel (your rachel, not mine) for the weird dreams I've had lately.
    very weird!
    Maybe Alex should post more instead.
    a thought?

  2. you know.. if Ruth knows Rachel so well: "her ability to read me goes beyond my comprehension." maybe these two should get together. why are we even bothering with Heather (attractive as she is) when Ruth can read Rachel's thoughts? hmm?


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