Tuesday, June 02, 2009


I feel the need to put in a plug for the fabulously talented Butterfly Boucher, whose second album Scary Fragile was released on iTunes and Amazon today. If I was going to recommend and attempt to convert anyone to some music, it would be Butterfly's. I was introduced when she toured with Sarah McLachlan, and not only is she a lot of fun, she's genius. Now I just wish I could do a road trip to San Francisco to see her play again...


  1. so what does that mean anyway? Butterfly Boucher. It's either Butterfly Butcher or Butterfly cork. something like that. .. i'm gonna put my money on butcher. that's kind of a nice name (i guess). She looks cute enough (needs a longer skirt!)

  2. thanks for the tip. i need some new music in my life. i'll check em out!


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