Friday, February 27, 2009

the Alex awards, part two

Sexiest Celebrities, Male

#10 - Bill Paxton. Sure he's a little older, but so am I. He just does it for me.

#9 - Christian Bale. Fell in love with Newsies early on. Since then I've wanted to name a little boy Christian.

#8 - Josh Hartnett. Ever seen Wicker Park? Yummy!

#7 - Rob Thomas. I don't know exactly what it is, but whatever it is, he has it.

#6 - Patrick Wilson. One word: lips. Oh, and he can sing too.

#5 - Patrick Dempsey. No need to explain.

#4 - Zac Efron. The man all men should be built from.

#3 - Chris Evans. Another amazing body. The face is nice too.

#2 - Gerard Butler. Did we even have the word sexy before he came along?

And my all-time favorite, for many years running...

#1 - Jude Law. How can I get some of that?

There are many runners-up, but I'll stop here.


  1. You and Jude Law...he is dirty and stinky! I think will make a top 10 of my fav beautiful people...:)

  2. :D at Tib.

    Bill Paxton, old and hott. YES!
    I'd change Patrick Dempsey for Fox Mulder (pre-I want to believe). But that'd be my list ;)


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