Wednesday, February 25, 2009


Concert tickets for the band Keane went on sale on Monday after they announced their North American tour, and I wanted to go. These were presale tickets. Because I’ve subscribed to their fan club on Facebook, I got an alert to buy them before they go on sale to the general public, and that’s always a bonus because they’re usually better seats. It’s a nice thing bands do for their fans.

My very good friend AE introduced me to them a few years back, after their first album Hopes and Fears was released, and I was quickly hooked. So naturally when I went to buy tickets, I thought of her. She may live far away, but the concert venue happens to be about halfway between where I live and where she lives, so it seemed perfectly convenient that we meet up and enjoy this together. I’m sentimental that way.

I sent her messages letting her know that the tour had been announced and that the tickets were on sale and that I would be buying some, and did she want to come with me...but the timing was off. I ended up buying only two and then finding out later that her husband wanted to go too. I could have bought three, and that would have been fine. SO. Instead of buying one more seat apart from the seats I had...she bought two more, leaving me with an extra ticket and someone else to invite. It was fine, I thought to myself. No problem. There’s got to be somebody else I know who likes Keane.

Well, I know that MJ does, though not to the extent that I do. I mean, she doesn’t even have the new album yet. I don’t know what made me ask her. Maybe because she really liked the concert we went to before, and she’s too young to have seen very many (any others), and she’s nice company and I could be nice and show her a good time. I don’t know. She didn’t seem too excited about it. Her response was more like, “Why not – I don’t have anything else to do that particular night,” rather than, “Cool! That sounds like fun!” Afterwards I thought maybe I should have asked a few others before I asked her, just in case I had some closet Keane fan for a friend and they could have been on the verge of wetting their pants about it like Tiburon.

So, again I have until May to prepare myself to enjoy the concert, despite the fact that AE and husband will be a few rows away and Tiburon and her spastic, concert-going friends will be several rows in front of us, and have absolutely NO expectations about my own companion. It would be a great show even if I went by myself. (And I’ve done that before.)


  1. I cannot believe that you would give a ticket to the greatest band in the world to someone and their response would be “Why not – I don’t have anything else to do that particular night,”

    I would have stood before you and peed my pants. And screamed. And fainted.

    Who the hell am I kidding - I would have done all three.

    Oh wait. I DID do all three. On Monday. When I secured my own tickets.

    I am a freak.

    Good to know we will be there together :)

  2. I agree with T. And FYI - We are going to be on the SAME ROW!! Probably right NEXT TO EACH OTHER. I can't believe you didn't even pay attention to your seat number. How excited can you be if you don't pay attention to every single detail?? You can recollect the exact wording to a conversation that you had last week but not what seat you will be in when TOM walks on stage????

    GEEEZ! (You know I love you though.) And I'm sorry the ticket buying thing got screwed up. My fault.

  3. I LOVE Keane...they are amazing...I am not a big enough fan to pay to go see them...but I would have been more then "why not" to the invite! She shows her immaturity in times like that! K...well, have fun! When are we getting together for dinner again?

  4. Afton I just fell in love with you.

    Feel free to come up to row E and stand with the REAL fans. ;)


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