Thursday, January 29, 2009


Rachel made an appearance yesterday, briefly. I haven’t been doing very much to be guilty about lately. Work is slow, so I’ve been surfing blogs. I found a few bloggers with similar struggles to mine, and maybe that’s why Rachel has come creeping back. I give her just a little nibble and she springs to life again. All I have to do is let my thoughts wander…

I’m convinced that the Showtime network is run by the devil. I’m a fan of Australian Toni Collette—I think she’s an amazing and very versatile actress. I saw an ad for a new show she’s doing on Showtime, so I went to check it out. (It actually looks pretty interesting). Well, Showtime just happens to also be the home of the L Word (my former vice), so there all the girls were, on the home page, naked and wanton as usual. (Showtime has this hook—you can watch the season premieres of their programs for free online. So that you can get unreasonably addicted and subscribe to their network.) And there was the plug for this season’s L Word premiere: that my (former) favorite character Jenny Schecter is dead—possibly murdered by one of the girls! NO! But seriously, that’s actually a perfect reason to never be interested in a show again, when they kill off your favorite character. I haven’t watched it since season 2, so I have no idea what’s even going on. But I just thought how clever that little devil is. All I had to do was click the play button and there I was, transformed right back into the lesbian drama I used to secretly enjoy. And I may or may not have done that. But the first minute of it was enough to help me remember why I stopped watching. However, I will post a picture of my psychotic little Jenny, because I'm sentimental that way. Here's to her demise!

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  1. Let me just tell you that 1-Jenny is the WORST character, I can't stand her, she went downhill from season 2, went totally phsycho. She's lame! Well, killing her off is the worst thing possible, because now she is the center of everything. She may be getting killed off, but we are now flash backed and it's building up to her being killed off, freakin let her DIE please! YUCK.


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