Tuesday, June 28, 2011

current celebrity crush

Stana Katic. If you're not watching Castle, you should be. I can't even tell you how magnificent it is to watch this face in high definition on a 60" screen (thanks for the setup, BIL).


  1. Those two pictures aren't the same person, right? sorry I have to ask. Everyone looks the same to me except for when they look different. ^^

  2. You should watch her new indie film "For Lovers Only" then. It's available via cable On-Demand, Itunes, and Amazon Instant Video. In a 60" screen? Wow. If it's possible, she's even more magnificent in black and white.



    @happyorganist: It's definitely the same person. I've watched "Castle" from the very beginning. The character's hair and makeup evolved along with the character's growth.

  3. THANK YOU, anonymous. How exciting!


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