Tuesday, December 28, 2010


I have this friend that sends me text messages sometimes. She's this friend. She’s still making an effort, and I’m not sure why. Sometimes, when I get such messages, I want to respond with something like, “Leave me alone! Don’t you realize you’re teasing me? I really like you. I really want you to like me back, but I know you can’t give me the kind of time I want, so I don’t want to invest and be frustrated. It’s way too hard to be casual with you and pretend you’re not a big deal, because I would like it if you were. Or at least part of me does.”

Before she left town to spend Christmas with her family, she sent me a text asking what my plans were for the holiday. After some back and forth, I asked her what she asked Santa Claus for. She answered, “More time with my friend Alex.” Such a tease! What do I do with her? She says all the right things and does none of them. She is a conundrum.


  1. I don't know, but I love the pictures ^^

  2. I have a girl kind of like that right. I had to quit answering texts. She was playing with me on purpose.

    If she is just going to play with you she may not be worth your time... (But I am new at this...)

  3. IDK! Ugh, conundrumie girls!
    Why don't people just come out and say stuff? Even a mixed tape would work ;)

  4. I agree with Kiley. When I was younger I thought playing with people was harmless entertainment. Now I think it's selfish and mean.
    You really do come up with the best pictures. :)


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