Monday, June 07, 2010


If you go on a date, but it's with someone of your same gender, and it's not meant to be a date but feels very much like one, can you safely call it a date? Because the next time someone asks me how long it's been since I went on a date with someone, I want to be accurate.


  1. I am so confused.

    I think you can only count it as a date if it is meant to be a date...

  2. I think it counts as a date if BOTH of you agree it feels very much like a date.
    Why aren't you talking about me? Come up here and take me to lunch already.

  3. I... Am.. Soooo with you on that!!! I hate the ambiguity between dating and hanging out one-on-one.. especially when you're both gay.

  4. I agree with happyorganist. You both need to agree if it is a date. Why dont you ask her whether it's a date or not?

  5. Because I know that for her, it wasn't.


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