Tuesday, June 15, 2010

guys in flip-flops

How do you feel about men wearing flip-flops? Is it hot? Or not?

For me, it depends on the feet. I used to despise feet. You wouldn't catch me dead in a pair of open-toe sandals, and I avidly avoided looking at anyone's bare feet for fear that nausea might overtake me. I'm not so disgusted anymore. I've come to accept my own feet, and the fact that some feet are just ugly. But every once in a while I spot a sexy group of toes.

Sidenote: That reminds me of a line from All About Steve. Mary's father(?) asks, "Mary, why do you wear those stupid red boots all the time?" To which she responds,

"Because they make my toes feel like ten friends on a camping trip. That's why I wear them."


Anyway, I'm not sure exactly what it is that makes a foot sexy, but there it is. I don't mind a guy in flip-flops, unless his feet are nasty. For the requirements on girls' sandal-clad feet, see here.

And on another related sidenote, when shopping online for flip-flops, or any variety of sandal, why aren't they shown being worn rather than by themselves? Doesn't a sandal look better with a foot in it?


  1. I find it sexy on Chinese boys only. I love to see their soft hairy legs. I think, It's my fetish.

    For ur last question, maybe the producer want to show the consumer the bed. Some sandals have motives on theirs bed, right?


  2. I LOOOOOOVE my flip flops. Wear them all summer long. But I also must humbly admit that my feet are one of my best features. so maybe if my feet were ugly I wouldn't. (I am picky, though. They have to be soft soles. And a lot of the cheap ones are like walking on slabs of concrete. No thanks.)

  3. I confess. I think flipflops on a guy is hot.


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