Sunday, July 19, 2009

sniff sniff

I guess there will just be days when I miss her. Or at least her smell. And her smile.

Last night I was watching some British television before going to sleep and one of my little nieces crawled into bed with me. Just to have the comfort of being next to another warm body, I guess (which I can completely relate to). And she sweetly told me how good I smelled. I had just colored and washed my hair. It made me think of MJ, and how much I enjoyed her smell...or at least that scent you detect when you're really close to someone's neck...and how long it had been since I'd had a whiff of it. It made me a little sad, right then. I missed it. I contemplated letting her know. But I didn't. Probably good.

Then she showed up at church today, which is unusual, since she's moved away now and attends a different ward, wearing brown (which I love her in), and I wondered if she had come just to torture me.

But it didn't end up being torture. Except that I sat next to her in our last class and didn't even get a hint of that smell I was looking for. Unfortunately all that I was able to smell was the breath of the sister on my other side. Ah well. Thank goodness for memories, right?


  1. you're gonna make me cry! (except for that cartoon, that totally changed the atmosphere of the post).
    I have the same kind of occasional bouts of sentimental crap (forgive the term) also. Happens a lot at church or at home. ok it happens anywhere. But anyway. here's a tissue.

  2. I can't believe you found that cartoon!!~ That was the perfect conclusion! :D


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