Tuesday, July 28, 2009


Since this is my very own blog, and I can freely write anything I want here, may I share a little fantasy with you?

Recently a fellow blogger that I read put up a poll: eat to live or live to eat? Like you might expect, most readers who commented were in favor of live to eat. In other words, they enjoy food and eating. I admit, I like to be different, go against the crowd, dance to the beat of a different drummer...you get the idea. And I commented that I am more about eating as a way to sustain life. It’s a bother. I have to stop what I’m doing to refuel, and I wish I could just take a pill and that would be it. And that’s mostly how I feel. I’m a social eater. I like to eat with people. I like to listen to chatter as I eat. I think it’s way more enjoyable that way.

I have a friend or two who like to cook. There’s one in particular who is all about cooking. She experiments, she rallies her children and family and neighbor kids around to help, she reads cooking blogs, enters cooking contests, collects kitchen tools, knows all sorts of little tips and tricks, and is writing a recipe book. She’s fanatical, and I love it. It’s her passion. I enjoy people with passion. She even has a blog, where she takes pictures of the process, like a cookbook, describes the steps, and then shows pictures of the finished product. She’s an artist, really. The pictures of her creations are delightful and mouthwatering works of art.

So I often have this fantasy, after reading her blog posts, of being her husband, and having the table set perfectly for the two of us, and her inviting me to the table and placing these beautiful creations in front of me to marvel at and to relish. And we eat together, and share the happenings of the day, and I compliment her on her ability to produce such marvelous things. It’s a nice daydream. I often tease her that she should be my personal chef, but she already has a husband...

Tip: Make food for Alex and she will love you.


  1. hey, lady--everybody has to have a dream. and it makes me giggle that yours would involve you in the 'wally cleaver' role. you go!

    unfortunately, at my house, i would call you to the table and it would be either drive-thru taco bell or little sleazers.

  2. I Eat to LIVE! !!!!!!!!!

    i'm better than all of you ;-P

  3. little sleazers. that's great. we call 'em little sneezers

  4. hmm.. I like that tip. If my interest is ever rekindled maybe I'll make use of it.

    'course it wouldn't work. I'm not a very good cook !

  5. i do have connections, though.. mexican ones. You could have all the authentic mexican food you could handle ;-D

  6. I do happen to know that you relish a good catsup, er . . . omlette! ;)


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