Monday, March 02, 2009

the Alex awards, part three

Funniest Celebrities

These are people that can make me laugh hard. I'm not talking about a giggle. I'm talking about the kind of laughing that compels you to share the humor with someone else because it's much more fun to laugh in company, even if they don't get it.

#10 - Jerry Seinfeld. Does anybody ever tire of watching his show?

#9 - Peter Sellers. Classic Pink Panther. And much more.

#8 - Bob Hope. I don't know why. He's just so silly.

#7 - Mike Meyers. Not a fan of Austin Powers or the Love Guru. It was Saturday Night Live that hooked me. I could watch Linda Richmond all day long.

#6 - Lucille Ball. Classic.

#5 - Molly Shannon. Another SNL alumnus.

#4 - Carol Burnett. Her show is as funny today as it was in its day.

#3 - Bill Cosby. Again, classic.

#2 - Robin Williams. Can anyone argue?

And my #1 - Ellen Degeneres. Whoever told her to start her own talk show was genius.

I have so many runners-up. Among them:
Tina Fey
Ben Stiller
Ryan Reynolds
Tim Conway
Colin Mochrie

And let's not neglect to mention my favorite INTERNET celebrities. Mindi and Tiburon.

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