Wednesday, February 02, 2011


Last night my sister asked me if I had ever learned how to flirt. I guess she assumed, because I didn't date much, and didn't hang out with boys much, that I didn't get much of an opportunity. And she may be right in that assumption, for the most part. But somewhere along the way, I learned. I flirted with boys. I am not socially awkward, usually. I can, in fact, flirt, as some of you already know.

Just to prove it, I give you exhibit A, a text conversation between Colbie and me:

me: Hi. How are you?
her: Doing lovely. How are you? I miss your face! How is work?
me: Keeping busy...but I want to write stories today. May I write you in?
her: Of course! Is it fiction? Make me semi-normal, will you? Really though, what do you write?
me: Yes, fiction. What is normal?
her: Cute, smart, commitment-keeping
me: Cute and smart I could do... Have you felt well? I thought maybe I could make the character fragile and sickly.
her: Ha ha. I went to the doc, so we'll see. I like the fragile and sickly idea.
me: yes, it's romantic
her: I'm sure someone might find it so. Maybe. Hopefully... :)
me: What do you want your romantic interest to look like? Reddish hair? Freckles? Pale or ruddy?
her: I like hair. Red is fine. Maybe glasses? Could he be tall, by any chance? Maybe LOVE country music?
me: Tall is good. Glasses could be sexy. I don't know how believably I could write about loving country music though.
her: It's not you loving it--so it's doable, right?
me: Well, I'm amazing. So I guess I could do that. For you.
her: Ha ha. Thanks, from my fictional self.
me: I might need some more time with you. You know, to make the character more realistic.
her: Yes, please! Did [our coordinator at the temple] put you up to this as a ploy to get me to the shift?
me: No.
her: When you say we should spend more time together, do you mean you and Larry? [the guy she's trying to set me up with...that's his real name]
me: As long as you're there.
her: That sounds wicked boring and not date-like in the least.
me: You're right. Let's leave Larry out of it.
her: boo


  1. I already knew you could flirt, Alex. =P

  2. Hi. New here. I just spent the day reading your blog from beginning to now. Great stuff!! I relate to you on a lot of things, especially the codependency. Thanks for sharing your anonymous self!


  3. "You're right. Let's leave Larry out of it."

    :D :D :D Well done.


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