Tuesday, May 18, 2010


I may be interested in someone. I don't want to call it a crush, because that would make it mean something, and I don't want it to mean anything, especially. I want friendship. But that codependent side of me, that side that likes to be attached to someone, wants exclusive friendship, and since I know that is really not likely with this person, I am going to keep my interest at a distance. There is always the possibility of becoming better friends. She likes to travel. She went to Hawaii last month and invited me to go, but, considering the state of my finances, I decided to be wise. But she is interested in a traveling companion, and so am I. So I want to say I like where this may be going, but also, I don't.

I will not fret. She is a good Mormon girl. She is most likely not interested in me that way. I am a good Mormon girl, and I like being that way, so I will not get my feathers in a ruffle. I just thought I'd put it out there. :)

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