Tuesday, October 16, 2012

I am feminist!

I really loved this article by LDS scholar Valerie Hudson Cassler. She has a way of explaining her point very clearly and logically. It's a bit long, but so worth getting through.

My favorite part:

"...the LDS alone among all Christian religions assert that not only did Eve not sin, but she was rewarded for her courage and wisdom, and God was assuring her that, just as she fulfilled her role in the Great Plan of Happiness, Adam would step up to the plate, and he would perform his role in the Great Plan of Happiness, and that would entitle him to rule with her. This is absolutely revolutionary and astounding doctrine among all the Christianities!"

I love when someone smart turns on a fresh lightbulb to illuminate a dark corner of doctrine, and gives me something interesting to think about, and to be proud of.


  1. Where do you get these quotes? I'm looking at "so loved that unworthy girl.."

    sounds so nice.

    We are having a fun week. Hope yours goes well.

  2. This is by far the *best* thing I've read in a long time!


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