Monday, January 03, 2011

current celebrity crush

Emily Blunt. You may know her from The Devil Wears Prada, in which she was a complete scene stealer, and The Young Victoria (excellent). I watched an obscure film this weekend that really showcased her talent as an actress, called My Summer of Love. Kind of a lame title, but an amazing psychological drama. The other girl was really amazing too. I've been thinking about it nonstop.

She gets to me. I just want to keep looking at her.


  1. You know, that picture totally does not do anything for me.

  2. She's sooo freaking beautiful.
    I loved her in The Young Victoria. I hated The Wolfman, but she alone saved the stupid movie for me, at least I could watch her being all gorgeous.

  3. It's funny you posted this yesterday. Yesterday I was watching Young Victoria for the first time. Great movie. I *loved* DWP. Everyone was good, but I was so blown away by Meryl's brilliance I hardly had eyes for anyone else.


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