Wednesday, September 01, 2010

I spy

Maybe it's just because I've been reading the Gallagher Girls books, but I was reminded the other day of a game I used to play with myself in junior high school. I rode the bus to school then, and sometimes it dropped us off too early for the first class, so I was left to entertain myself until it was time to go and sit down in the classroom. I would pretend to be a spy. I would pick someone--anyone--random was always best--and make them my subject. If they were walking, I would follow them, at a comfortable distance. If they were sitting talking to friends, I would find a good lookout and watch whatever they were doing. I'd take notes. Until the bell rang, I was a private investigator. I'm pretty sure the game didn't end with junior high school.

I had arranged to meet some friends downtown the other day. I had to drive around the block a couple of times to find a decent parking place. And then, not finding one very close to the designated restaurant, I had to walk a few blocks. It gave me a moment to ruminate on this game I used to play. And I considered trying it again. But I didn't have that much time. It was fun to think about anyway.


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